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Since April 2018 all new watercolour paintings by Artist Sophie Appleton are now signed in my married name (Sophie Huddlestone) I hope you prefer my new https://www.sophiehuddlestone.com website to how this old sixfootsophie.co.uk site used to be. This site has now had all the arty pages removed and just quick info remains for those folks whom still may search for paintings signed by Sophie Appleton with my old website. After selling over 1,300 original paintings and a few prints there are a lot of my old leaflets with customers whom usually return for more.

I still have my nick name for selling on eBay as six.foot.sophie and my phone / email / address all remain the same. It’s only my website which has changed. Hope to see ya soon on the new one.


Artist Sophie :-)

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119 Factory Road,
LE10 0DP


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