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Examples of Sophie Appleton’s art.

Beginnings: After 12 years of employment in embroidery digitizing, I was made redundant. It was 2006 and the bills were coming in fast. Alone, with a son about to start school, I decided to turn my different hobbies into a small business, while looking for a ‘proper job’. I had a small jar with a mixture of foreign notes, from holidays before my son was born. Taking this into a shop in Hinckley, I eagerly awaited as the shop assistant counted the different currencies. It resulted in a total of almost £120 to start off my new career. With a determination to succeed and a small amount of money, I got straight into building my old website which I named sixfootsophie and almost a decade later I moved my online shop to a much larger website.

Since April 2018 all paintings by Artist Sophie Appleton are now signed in my married name Huddlestone (Sophie H. or SH) 


I started my painting career in 2011 in my maiden name of Appleton. Soon some big hotels began to purchase my art as well as pubs, offices and homes. The author Lynda Page purchased 7 of my paintings in August and then my first exhibition for local artists was in Hinckley. From September 2012 a gallery in Lincolnshire (in Spalding) sold several of my paintings and a world wide site released ten of my flower paintings on to post cards in May of that year.

After two years my website had become more popular and I decided to leave the physical galleries and focus on the online customers because it was more flexible around child care. Although around fifteen of my paintings still hang on display in Vision House in Leicestershire to this day. My Facebook page www.facebook.com/SwirlySophArt also began to grow in popularity, with some lovely comments from customers worldwide.

In July 2015 I branched into embroidery again turning six of my paintings into beautiful embroidered sweatshirts and printed bags – via my husband – with our ‘Country Swirls’ range, named after my swirly style and the ‘Sophie :-)’ label because of the smile I add to paintings. www.countryswirls.com

In April 2016 I started a range of Art replicas (prints) around 20 designs. Also branching into A.C.E.O. (miniature hand painted pictures) measuring only 64mm X 89mm. Also that year I made the ‘Swirly Soph Art’ app which was intended for new and return customers, but later I updated it to also include a community for hobbyists with live chat and displaying other folks artwork too.

In October 2017 I launched the ‘Eye Color Love’ and ‘Steampunk Bunny’ clothing and gift wear range on the global marketplace Redbubble, they make and sell the items and when something sells I get a small portion of the sales, but unfortunately so far its about enough to buy myself a coffee and slice of cake, so I wont be placing any more designs on there. My profile page was redbubble www.redbubble.com/people/sophieappleton/ but this has recently been closed down. I no longer sell on redbubble.

After a busy few years selling 1,300 original paintings I decided my hubby was here to stay, so I made a career name change and from April 2018 I’d sign all future paintings in my married name of Sophie Huddlestone. I also moved my artworks from my old www.sixfootsophie.co.uk website to a bigger website www.sophiehuddlestone.com

In June 2018 I also created my first blog ‘Artist Sophie’ a mini site which is like an online diary with images of artworks in progress and my latest paintings www.artistsophie.com Perhaps if you can not remember my last name you’ll remember Artist Sophie dot com.

In 2018 I began learning portraiture and in March 2019 had my first commission portrait, nothing like jumping straight into the deep end as it was for sporting celebrity Russell Osman.

A butterfly painting that I created and displayed on Pinterest has been pinned by over 1.6k folks which shows how my artworks have risen in popularity. In April 2019 I removed the gallery pages from my website which displayed hundreds of previously sold paintings to focused on my online shop instead and display the current art for sale.

May 2019; The curators at Saatchi Art which is the world’s leading online art gallery based in Los Angeles started selling a selection of my original paintings https://www.saatchiart.com/sophieh  but don’t worry I will still add the odd bargain priced painting on eBay as seller six.foot.sophie

sixfootsophie paintings 4 sale by Sophie Appleton has moved !!!!

Bye bye www.sixfootsophie.co.uk and hello new website, blog and bargain sale paintings!


MENU – More info is a bit of fodder about me and my paintings. Home page is this sixfootsophie home page. The full website on the menu goes to my big new S.H. website with the full range of my paintings, prints, commission paintings and lots more at https://www.sophiehuddlestone.com/ and the blog on the menu goes to https://www.artistsophie.com/ the latest art that I’m creating right now and it is sort of like my Artist’s diary. Sale paintings on the menu is https://swirlysoph.com/

You can read the www.sixfootsophie.co.uk policies on the policies page.


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Copyright of all Sophie Appleton / Sophie Huddlestone paintings or designs remains with the artist, and any copying or printing will be followed up legally. This includes full copyright for this website, website pages posts content and images full copyright remains with Sophie Huddlestone also known as Sophie Appleton.

Thanks, Sophie :-)