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I designed an arty app called Swirly Soph Art. You can download this from the app store for iOS devices or Google Play for Android devices. It also has a HTML web page version. Free to download on the App Store and Google Play. New art on a live feed, occasional quiz competitions, live chat, app users art on display, discount codes on the bargains section etc. On a tablet search for it in the list of ‘phone’ apps.

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MENU – More info is a bit of fodder about me and my paintings. The get the app page will explain where to get the my free Artist app. Home page is this sixfootsophie home page. The full website on the menu goes to my big new S.H. website with the full range of my paintings, prints, commission paintings and lots more at www.sophiehuddlestone.com and the blog on the menu goes to www.artistsophie.com the latest art that I’m creating right now and it is sort of like my Artist’s diary.

You can read the www.sixfootsophie.co.uk policies on the policies page.

Copyright of all Sophie Appleton / Sophie Huddlestone paintings or designs remains with the artist, and any copying or printing will be followed up legally. This includes full copyright for this website, website pages posts content and images full copyright remains with Sophie Huddlestone also known as Sophie Appleton.

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